How To How To Increase Your Income and Expand Your Beauty Business to Potential Customers Who Desire Lips Blush Service:


Simple step by step PowderLips course that will train you the techniques to deliver a stunning Lips Blush Procedure that will have the best natural color retention, train you to be an expert in color mixing, old tattoo fixing, while certifying you with The Prestige Phiacademy Powderlips Certification.



  • increase your Income by expanding your microblading or permanent makeup business to potential customers who desire lips permanent makeup service
  • ​have amazing healed lips blush results
  • ​correct bad colored lips tattoo, so you can offer value and customize for different clients’ needs.
  • ​​make lips look gorgeous with this natural look that a lot of customers are demanding.

Dear beauty technician,

If you want expanding your service, boost more sales, or even if you just want to stay confident and know exactly what to do for customer, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year! 


Here's why...

because You’ll feel the confidence by knowing for sure that your works will last good, and heal good every single time… 

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

We are Danny Dang and Jocelyn Tran.  We're the First PowderLips Master in the US from Phibrows Phiacademy.

We've trained and certified more than 4000+ Phiacademy students and we have over 10 years experience in permanent makeup.

In fact, we just won the Most Precious Phibrows Award: "BEST PHIBROWS MASTER OF THE WORLD": 






#1: The First Thing You’ll Get Is The...

Part 1 of Training: 1 Day of PowderLips  Live Training

(All the skills you need to complete a Powderlips Masterpiece)


1-day intensive training where student will learn to work with the machine and select pigments for specific clients to achieve a brilliant lipsblush effect. You will have the opportunity to practice on live models. After the completion of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.

You Will Learn:

  • You'll discover exactly how to get the MOST natural lips blush results
  • ​Measuring lips using the Phi App 
  • ​Correcting dark lips
  • ​Old lips tattoo fixing
  • ​​Lip blush Powdering Shading Techniques
  • ​​Skin-stretching techniques 
  • ​​Different skin types
  • ​​Industry secrets & tricks
  • ​Proper use of anesthetics 
  • ​You'll understand exactly how to do lips blush with shortest time
  • ​You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST permanent makeup artists make and go right to the right process
  • ​You'll know exactly how to do without pain-even with a nervous client

You Will Receive When You Graduate:

PowderLips Logo & Phiacademy Powderlips Certification 

International Powderlips Certification through the world- renowned PhiAcademy . 

After completing the live event you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.  After passing 6 levels, you will receive Blush eyeliner logo and graduation certificate.  This will allow you to gain access to the  Online global Powderlips network and Craftmaster App access for lifetime. Join our community and share your work and experiences. Let's inspire each other and be better artists each day!


DAY 1- You'll Learn:

  • How to draw eyebrows in 5-15 minutes using my special technique using thread and divider
  • ​The most natural Phibrows’ strokes pattern
  • ​How to mix colors to customize to each client
  • ​How to fix old tattoos that turned gray blue or red
  • How to do microblading with correct pressure to avoid eyebrows from turning blue
  • ​How retain color of to average 1 year
  • ​How to erase strokes that you accidentally went outside of the shape

DAY 2:

You'll put everything you learned on Day 1 into practice
on LIVE MODELS all day.

Some Other techniques you'll learn during the 2 Days:

  • Why poorly trained microbladders are not successful and even sued by their clients. (HINT: Your clients will scream blue murder if their eyebrows heal Blue Gray or Even RED!)
  • ​How to Stretch The Skin Correctly to Avoid Pain and to Make microblading Colors Last Longer-- so your clients rave madly about you to their friends…
  • ​What Never to do during a Microblading Procedure if you want to Keep both eyebrows breathtakingly even after it's done...
  • How to use the Phibrows Golden Compass to apply the golden mean ratio to measure and draw the eyebrows.
  • ​How to use the Phiapp Application on a smart phone to measure the eyebrows after they are drawn to make sure both eyebrows are even. (Symmetry is beauty and beauty is big bucks)…
  • ​Where To Mark The Points on the Eyebrows to match the shape of the woman's face, as though God had done the procedure himself…
  • How to avoid 5 common mistakes that most microblading artists make that make their works disappear after a few months. (HINT: You will lose your business it your works do not last.)
  • ​How to fix old blue or red tattoo either by turning those eyebrows back to brown or use microblading to cover the old tattoos--(Hint: You will make good extra incomes from fixing old tattoos besides microblading service.)
  • ​The secret formula of mixing colors to match with any skin tone and hair type that would make any eyebrow colors from blond to dark brown heal nicely, and will remain the original color without changing to red or blue years later. With pigments matching with skin stone and natural hair type of each client, microblading strokes will blend in nicely and naturally so no one could distinguish which is microblading and which is real hair-- (Hint: Mastering this formula will ensure satisfied and happy customers who will rave about you and bringing to you lots and lots of REFERRALS.)
  • ​How to apply the easy and defined step by step eyebrow strokes pattern that can match with any eyebrow--(Hint: Memorizing this pattern will save you so much time and help you avoid making microblading mistakes.)
  • ​​The Fastest Way to Do Microblading from 45 minutes to 90 Minutes. Time is money. The faster you do for a client, the more time you have to squeeze in more clients and more income.
  • ​Show you the secret to erase all of your mistakes, all of the strokes that accidentally went ourside the eyebrows' shape to make the eyebrows look uneven. This secret, which is safe, non-acid, and effective, was discovered by Masters Jocelyn Tran and Danny Dang only! You will not learn this anywhere else but in this course! You will not be afraid to mess up your clients because you can even erase the whole eyebrow if you want--like a magic eraser.
  • ​An unexpected trick to minimize pain: train you the secret to a painless microblading procedure that will save you so much time because you don't have to prenumb--the less pain, the more Referrals and more income!
  • ​How to follow tattoo laws, how to get tattoo permanent makeup license, and how to set up your procedure room to pass health department inspection. We have health inspectors visit class so you can ask any questions. You can charge a high price and avoid being sued by clients if you have license and all the consent and care forms (we will provide you all the forms).
  • ​How doing only 1 pass over the eyebrows will result in strokes not being deep enough, will in turn cause not enough pigment to enter the strokes. This will cause the customers to lose most of color after 1 month. You will learn the correct number of passes to keep your works last longer---Your clients, their friends, and family will keep coming back to you!

Learn this magic eraser trick!

(by passing 12 levels):


International Phibrows Certification through the world-renowned PhiAcademy.

  • You'll receive your own Phibrows ID and logo.
  • ​Phibrows with continue to advertise your business for FREE.  Phibrows will post your name, business, salon address, phone number, email, Facebook, Instagram, and on the wildly popular Phibrows website FOR LIFE. (www.bookingphi.com)
  • Clients will be able to find you based on their geographical location on their smartphone.

#2: The Second Thing You’ll Get Is The...

Part 2 of Training:
3 Months of Advanced 
Online Training

(So You Can MASTER The PowderLips Skills)

Advanced online microblading training
  • ​Access to all the videos with simple step by step process that are broken down that will show you exactly how to do microblading so you can practice anytime you like at home.
  • ​Hands-on feedback on assignments which I will personally evaluate and give you feedback on so you can master your microblading skills.
  • ​You can ask me direct questions in a private on this app
  • ​Here we strengthen your weak areas, anything you need to get going. So there's no way you can fail!
  • Phidoctors available on the app to answer any questions about your concerns about microblading and skin problems.
  • Tried and tested this on over 2000 students for 3 years and have amazing results. Students improve hugely when they send works to us to get feedbacks and suggestions on improvements.
  • Access to all the videos with simple step by step process that are broken down that will show you exactly how to do powderlips so you can practice anytime you like at home.
  • ​Hands-on feedback on assignments which I will personally evaluate and give you feedback on so you can master your powderlips skills. 
  • ​You can ask me direct questions in a private on this app.
  • ​​Here we strengthen your weak areas, anything you need to get going. So there's no way you can fail!
  • ​Phidoctors available on the app to answer any questions about your concerns about skin problems.

#3: The Third Thing You’ll Get Is The...

Powderlips Professional Kit

powderlips kit

What does the Powderlips Kit Include?

  • ​1x PhiContour Nude Light Pigment 10ml
  • ​1x PhiContour Flamingo Pigment 10ml
  • 1x PhiContour Fuchsia Pigment 10ml
  • ​​​1x Phi Mixer
  • 1x Phi Marker Pen White
  • ​1x Drawing Pencil Red
  • ​1x Phi Wipes Block Tonic 20/1
  • ​1x Phi Wipes Asept (50pcs)
  • ​2x PhiContour Latex Printed Lips
  • ​1x Practising Latex blank (3pcs)
  • ​1x Self-adhesive pigment container (50pcs)

What Does the 
PhiBrows Kit Include? 


  • Self Adhesive Pigment Container (50pcs)
  • ​Scissors & Tweezers (1 pc)
  • ​​Universal Holder (1 pc)
  • ​PhiCompass (1 pc)
  • ​Pencils (2 pcs)
  • ​Disposable Tools (30 pcs)
  • ​PhiBlade U-304 (50 pcs)
  • ​Stroke Marker (1 pc)
  • Latex (3 pcs)​


    • PhiShield Skin Candy 50pcs
    • ​Skin Candy & PhiTopic (After Care, AntiShock 1, AntiShock 2, Scar Protection, Sun & Sweat Protection)
    • ​PhiWipes After Care 5pcs
    • ​​PhiWipes Makeup Remover 5pcs
    • ​PhiWipes Makeup Block Tonic 1pc


    • Golden Brown (2 Tubes
    • Brown 1 (2 Tubes)​
    • ​​Brown 2 (2 Tubes)
    • ​Brown 3 (2 Tubes)
    • ​Fox (2 Tubes)
    • ​​Black (1 Tube)
    • ​Yellow (1 Tube)

    Let Me Show You Everything You'll get when you register for our Powderlips Course today!


    Powderlips training will provide all the training, the tools you need to do lip blush beautifully to increase success of your permanent makeup business into the world!

    •  Part 1 of the Training: 1 DAY Powderlips Live Training with practicing on Models.
    • Part 2 of The Training: 3 MONTHS ADVANCED Online training with Daily Homework and levels to Master Your Powderlips Skill.
    • ​Powderlips Professional Kit


    Total Value: $4000
    Today: $1600

    Only a $1000 refundable deposit is required
    to register for the Powderlips Training.

    The remaining balance is due on the day of the live course.
    You will choose the location of the live training in the next step. 

    Ready to Change Your Life? 

    If So, Then NOW Is The Time To Take Action!
    Here's What You Need To Do Right Now:

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    Step #3: PowderLips Class Registration Deposit ($1000)
    We require $1000 deposit to keep your space in class. In the event there is an emergency and you cannot attend class, we will refund your deposit.
    The remaining balance wil be due when you attend live course.
    Your Deposit is Fully Refundable.

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    Master Jocelyn and Danny are amazings human kind. I have been learning so much detailed in colors and techniques in each strokes of Microblader. I had trained by different microblading company, oh boy, i didnt know nothing until i took the phibrows class by Jocelyn and Danny. It was worthy any penny i spent. Thank you, Jocelyn and Danny. You guys are amazing teachers❤️❤️❤️ "

    - THAO N., Maryland
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    "Jocelyn and Danny were very thorough and detailed about all of the ins and outs of microblading. I had taken Microblading previously through a different company and I was amazed at how much I didnt know. It was worth the investment. Thank you Jocelyn and Danny :)"

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