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Work Smarter, On Your Own Schedule, and Have More Time for Yourself and Your Family:

Discover The New “Breakthrough” Microblading

Secrets ANYONE Can Use To:

  • ​get perfect even eyebrows on both sides in as little as minutes...
  •  get the perfect color for your client in just a few clicks of the button. ..
  • ​Create stunning microblading eyebrows from 1 to 2 hours...

From Jocelyn Tran,

Dear friend,
I’ll introduce myself in just a moment.

Right now, I want you to look at this microblading before and after that I just did for a client of mine below:


than any microblading you have ever seen before because I have done it so quick, 

only a little bit over an hour. ..

If you asked around, microblading can be done from 2 to 3 hours, or even 4 hours. 

So how can I got this done so fast and still look so beautiful?

My friend, it is not because I am better than anyone else.

It is because I work smarter.

I use technology and apps to draw shape and mix colors SO ACCURATE for my clients. 

This is the ONLY MICROBLADING SYSTEM in the world that can help you get perfect even eyebrows on both sides so quick and the only system that can get you the perfect color for your client in just a few clicks of the button...

And This System can Help YOU:

Become the best microblading artist even without any talent or artistic skills....

When I first started doing microblading, it was super hard to do and it take forever to draw an ok even pair of eyebrows.

I always hated my works!

They never came out the way I want them to be. You see, it was so hard to make both eyebrows even because eyebrows are sisters, not twins. 

It took me OVER AN HOUR just to draw the outline shape of eyebrows and it was too much time. 

Not to mention when customers complain about the shape not being even and it could cost me another half hour just to fix it. The eyebrows never came out perfect and I always hated it.

But when I found out about Phibrows and started using BB COMPASS and PHIAPP to draw eyebrows, 

the unbelievable happened. 

The Phibrows system is like this:

To make both sides even, you finish 1 eyebrow first then measure each part of that eyebrow and transfer to the other side and in no time LIKE 1 MINUTE, you have a perfectly even pair of eyebrows. 

WOW. how simple is that? It all make sense.

I could reduce the drawing time from 1 hour to 15 minutes. 

 But that is not only the surprise…

My works become more even and perfect.

Not only my works became perfect. all of my students’ works become perfect too. These are just some example:

All of my students’ works become perfect too. These are just some example:

 The Problem that many microblading artists don't succeed is:

they do microblading without technology help ( like drawing the eyebrows shape free hand or getting the wrong color) so it takes so long and you can never get them even and the colors turn out bad.

So they become frustrated and quit.

If you are doing microblading and but you are still struggling, it is NOT your fault.

That’s because all other ways to microblading on this earth I’m aware of are based on free hand drawing or only using a ruler pasting across forehead. (This is not adequate enough to make eyebrows perfectly even).

I was very, very frustrated with myself also.

However, our BREAKTHROUGH tools and app you are about to see are totally different…


It is about getting ahead of everyone else...

And making microblading faster and better, and more beautiful than before while charging $500 per set of eyebrows but still make customers so happy that they will follow you for life.

I see 90% of people are doing microblading WRONG and can’t charge that amount because they don’t know how to get the color and the eyebrows shaping right to have the natural effect and a good heal result.
So one year later, it doesn’t look quite good and customers do not come back.

I am sure you have noticed this too, right?

There are so many "GREEDY MICROBLADING TRAINERS" out there that do not know what they are doing but scamming honest beauty workers with useless outdated techniques.

At the end, these honest beauty technicians are left in the cold…

Some of my students got scammed out of thousands of dollars into taking useless 2 or 3 so called “microblading classes” that they could not even do anything after.

That’s why I’ve made my mission to reveal the technologies behind doing microblading that can reduce time at least 30 minutes per microblading procedure while making breath taking beautiful eyebrows.

The Good News is...

You Have A Chance To Experience The "Breakthrough" Technology and Tools In Action NOW!

Only those who get in early will get in first...

Most people will be left out.
That is why I urge you to get in right now…
Get ahead of the crowd…

Before training for Phibrows, I was a salon owner:

You see, I was a trained BioChemist, graduating from UC Davis in 2005.
When I moved to central California, I could not find any work in my field.

I became a Salon Owner, as a way to make ends meet .

I had a hard time finding quality staff, so spent a long time working myself, to make up for the lack of employees .

As a Salon Owner ,

I became miserable, working long hours with very little time off !

I was not able to spend much time with her baby girls .

One day, scrolling Facebook, I happened by an ad that caught my attention .

I saw an ad for eyebrow company, and became obsessed with the idea of helping others achieve the beauty they were seeking .

I didn’t know how to get started .

I noticed the name of the company that was running the advertisements : Phibrows

I reached out to the company, and found there were only offering training only if she wanted to go to Brazil or Germany .

Soon after, the company started offering online trainings.

I started training with the company, and realized it was even more than I had hoped - I became a part of a FAMILY.
I soon become a trainer for their new students . 

I realized I could start making 10x my return, AND MAKE PEOPLE MORE HAPPY!

I could either choose to continue working HARDER DOING NAILS, or I could decide to work SMARTER, and focus on the microblading .

I saw how many clients I could help, but wanted to do more .

I felt I would be selfish if I just kept this training to myself.

There are enough clients for everyone to have regular business .

I am on a mission to help my clients become even more beautiful than they thought they were, and teaching other professionals how to do the microblading the right way .

My goal to help train other nail technicians and beauty technicians how to free their time, start a profitable microblading business, and transform from nail technicians or beauty technicians to successful beauty artists .

Because I work hard and focus on helping students achieve their success, dreams, and goals, in 2018, our team gor the Most precious Award in Beauty Industry:  "BEST PHIBROWS MASTER OF THE WORLD"

PHIBROWS Master of the world

Look at what happened to Julie…

When she started my program just last year, she was a nails technician for 20 years, trying to meet ends meet and no time for family….

Today, she has time and money to travel, has her new microblading salon and average about 2 clients per day.

Watch her story and see how YOU can change your life, too!

**Testimonials shown are real experiences from our former students. What we show you is a step by step proven system and results will vary based upon your effort. **

Want To Hear Stories Of Other Students JUST LIKE YOU Who Are Building A Microblading Business?

"I am so busy with so many microblading appointments that I have to open another salon to accommodate 5 rooms to do microblading!"

"I was a trainer, educator for Elizabeth Arden Skin Care for 7 years. I traveled a lot. During the weekends, I worked at a cosmetic surgeon office, doing permanent makeup for them. The doctor who I worked for paid for me to take microblading training because his clients had a demand for microblading service. I took that class but felt that they did not show me good enough. I still had so many questions unanswered and was not confident to work on clients. My clients healed into a red tone. My doctor was not happy.

I convinced my doctor to invest for me to take Master Jocelyn and Thuong Dang's class after I saw the work they do non Facebook. I bombarded them with so many questions because I was burned! I was scared to make another investment and could be fired!

After talking to Master Thuong Dang (Danny), I felt more confident taking the class.

I booked airplane ticket to their class in Las Vegas in October of 2016. Oh My God, after that class, all of my fears, questions were answered. They showed me the little tips and secrets that could make a whole difference!

After this class, I got to do so  many clients at the doctor's office. Doctor charged each client $800, paid me only $150 for each client.

After 2 months, I followed the advice of Master Jocelyn and rented a 300 square feet room to do microblading on my own and stopped working for the Doctor.

Now I do average 4 clients a day! Master Jocelyn promoted me to be a PHIBROWS ROYAL ARTIST!

I have so many customers! I am opening another place with 5 rooms to do microblading and plan to hire other Phi-brown Certified Artists to work for ME!

I appreciate Master Jocelyn Tran and Master Thuong Dang so much! Without them, I would not be where I am today!"


Microblading Salon Owner of Timeless Beatuy Studio, LLC
From Virginia

"I found new confidence to open a salon  on my own!"

"I was going through a difficult time last year. I decided to take Master Jocelyn Tran and Thuong Dang's class to learn something different and to maybe change my life.

After the class, I practiced a lot and practiced on my niece. With the continuing support from my Masters, I got better and better at microblading. From my experience, you have to work on clients to GAIN all the experience.

The best thing about this class is that they continue to support you. I send my works to them. THey go above and beyond to give feedback and give advice on the mistakes I made and how to prevent the mistakes next time.

Sometimes, I was scared because I made some microblading mistakes on my clients, but they showed me how to fix the mistakes.

Now, I open the first salon by myself. I so microblading most of my time I am so HAPPY with where I am today. Without my Masters Jocelyn Tran and Thuong Dang, I would not be where I am right now. 

Thank you, thank you so much!


Microblading Salon Owner
From New York

So How Does Our Phibrows' "Breakthrough" Microblading Technique Work?

Everyone has a totally different face and different set of eyebrows. No one can be the same. Our formula uses the 1.618 Golden Ratio to define the perfect set of eyebrows for each client. You can watch the video below for how to do it:

What You're Gonna To GET with Our "ONLINE PHIBROWS SYSTEM" :


"So You Can MASTER The Microblading Skills"

Total Value: $1997

Advanced online microblading training

WHAT You'll Learn:

  • How to draw eyebrows in 5-15 minutes using my special technique using thread and divider
  • ​The most natural Phibrows’ strokes pattern
  • ​How to mix colors to customize to each client
  • How to do microblading with correct pressure to avoid eyebrows from turning blue
  • ​How retain color of to average 1 year
  • ​How to erase strokes that you accidentally went outside of the shape
  • Why poorly trained microbladders are not successful and even sued by their clients. (HINT: Your clients will scream blue murder if their eyebrows heal Blue Gray or Even RED!)
  • ​How to Stretch The Skin Correctly to Avoid Pain and to Make microblading Colors Last Longer-- so your clients rave madly about you to their friends…
  • ​What Never to do during a Microblading Procedure if you want to Keep both eyebrows breathtakingly even after it's done...
  • How to avoid 5 common mistakes that most microblading artists make that make their works disappear after a few months. (HINT: You will lose your business it your works do not last.)
  • ​How to apply the easy and defined step by step eyebrow strokes pattern that can match with any eyebrow--(Hint: Memorizing this pattern will save you so much time and help you avoid making microblading mistakes.)
  • ​​The Fastest Way to Do Microblading from 45 minutes to 90 Minutes. Time is money. The faster you do for a client, the more time you have to squeeze in more clients and more income.
  • ​Show you the secret to erase all of your mistakes, all of the strokes that accidentally went ourside the eyebrows' shape to make the eyebrows look uneven. This secret, which is safe, non-acid, and effective, was discovered by Masters Jocelyn Tran and Danny Dang only! You will not learn this anywhere else but in this course! You will not be afraid to mess up your clients because you can even erase the whole eyebrow if you want--like a magic eraser.
  • ​An unexpected trick to minimize pain: train you the secret to a painless microblading procedure that will save you so much time because you don't have to prenumb--the less pain, the more Referrals and more income!

Learn this magic eraser trick!



International Phibrows Certification through the world-renowned PhiAcademy.

  • You'll receive your own Phibrows ID and logo.
  • ​Phibrows with continue to advertise your business for FREE.  Phibrows will post your name, business, salon address, phone number, email, Facebook, Instagram, and on the wildly popular Phibrows website FOR LIFE. (
  • Clients will be able to find you based on their geographical location on their smartphone.
Phibrows logo


"Phishading Using Machine Technique (machine is not included in kit)"

Total Value: $997

  • Learn Bonus Phibrows Shading Technique using machine so you can enhace 3D effect and help make color last longer specially on oily skin.


" Watch and Learn as we do Live Streaming of Real Model Demonstrations on Private Facebook Group"

Total Value: $997

  • Watch and ​Learn to do microblading as we stream live on Private Facebook group as we work on live models so you can be able to experience how to do microblading on real models.
  • ​We provide microblading step by step checklist so you can remember and learn together as we stream live.


" When You Pay The Difference of $1600 Between Live and Online Class."

  • You have option to attend live training and get to practice on models one on one with Phibrows Masters when you pay the difference between live and online class of $1600.  


" How to use Phiapp to come up with a perect shape for customer"

Total Value: $997

  • How to draw eyebrows shape so fast and perfectly even using Phiapp and BB Compass so you can save at least 30 minutes drawing shape.
  • ​We hired a high price programmer to get this cool Phiapp software.
  • ​Drawing Shape made easy 
  • Proof to your clients that their eyebrows are even, build trusts and save time.
PHIAPP Eyebrows measuring app


" How to use Pigment Calculator app software to come up with a perect color for any customer in 5 seconds"

Total Value: $997

  • By choosing skin features, external influences, natural hair colour or old PMU colour in 10 steps , you will get the results of which exactly pigments you need to mix and which technique to use. 
  • ​Each shade of old colour is treated differently and if it has to be removed, you will get the advice how to do that.
  • ​this calculator will also calculate the after care according to the client's skin.
  • ​Colour theory will never be confusing again!
Advanced online microblading training


" Tools You Can Use To Complete 40-50 Customers"

Total Value: $1200

What Does the 
PhiBrows Kit Include? 


" Forms To Use So Clients Can't Sue You"
Most states require a body art permit or tattoo permit obtained from the Health Department (You fill in an application and send to health department).  Only Health Department can give you the permit to operate as a microblading artist. There are a few states that have different requirements.  If you need help finding microblading law about your state, please email us at
Remember that no school can give you the permit.  Only Government entities (such as health department) do.

Total Value: $997

  • Consent and aftercare forms you need so your clients cannot sue you.  A friend of mine has been doing permanent makeup for 20 years plus.  She got sued one time and had to spend hundreds of dollars to hire a lawyer to draft this microblading and permanent makeup consent form.  We give this for FREE to you so you can protect yourself from being sued.
  • ​Proper Salon Set Up to pass health Inspection
  • ​List of all the tools you need to pass health inspection
  • ​Sample Infection Prevention Control Plan
Microblading license implementation
  • Consent and aftercare forms you need so your clients cannot sue you
  • ​Proper Salon Set Up to pass health Inspection
  • ​List of all the tools you need to pass health inspection
  • ​Sample Infection Prevention Control Plan
  • ​Our Team can also do research for local law in your city to help you get Microblading License


" So You Can Be Professional With Knowledge About The Human Skin"

Total Value: $500

  • Skin expert course taught by our PhiDoctor
  • ​We normally charge $500 for this online course but because you are our student, you get special treatment
  • ​Provide the best possible service to your clients with skin knowledge
Phibrows skin expert course


" So You Can Get Microblading Clients and Build A Successful Microblading Business"

Total Value: $997

  • You want to have lots of microblading clients right? To have a lot of microblading clients, you need to make sure your customers are so happy that they will be happy to refer even more customers to you.
  • Of course you need to do a good job, but besides that , you also need to know what to say, how to say it, and what to do to make your customers become so loyal to you and love you so much.
  • ​Provide the best possible service to your clients, build referrals and start a successful microblading business
Phibrows skin expert course

Unlimited Microblading Models Template

" So You Can Have Models To Practice"

Total Value: $997

Unlimited microblading models template

When I first started microblading, finding models to practice on was so hard.  Nobody wanted me to practice on their face!

Now, we have trainings all over the United States year round and our trainings always have a lot of happy models for students. The models are happy (even though they're being practiced on) because of our:

"Getting Models" System

It took us 3 years of hard work and errors to perfect this system. We will give you the ads, the Facebook post template so you can have unlimited source of models to practice your microblading skill also.

Microblading Consultation Template

" Microblading Consultation Made Easy Template"

Total Value: $197

(So you can become professional and gain trust from your clients.) 

  • These are easy to use cards to be able to effectively communicate with your customers and make them happy.
  • Even if you have little English language, you can still communicate with your clients effectively and look professional too.

Let Me Show You Everything You'll get when you register for our oNLINE PHIBROWS SYSTEM today!

Phibrows success system bundle

Phibrows Success System will provide all the training, the tools you ever need to do microblading beautifully, legally, and also to obtain a constant flow of high paying customers to launch your microblading business into the world!

Total Value: $10,873
Today: $2000


" When You Pay The Difference of $1600 Between Live and Online Class."

If you need help completing this application process, Please email or call : 
Jocelyn: 1-559-391-7996
Main Office: 559-394-8342

satisfaction guarantee

Ready to Change Your Life? 

If So, Then NOW Is The Time To Take Action!
Here's What You Need To Do Right Now:

Choose A Location and Date Most Convenient for You and Click to Register

Time Is Of The Essence...

Seats are very LIMITED because we want to provide the best possible service to a small number of students only.
If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

Here Is My Guarantee:

You Will Absolutely Love Our Training!

I will make sure that you will receive the best experience and will learn so much!

 It's Your Decision...

Look, you have seen how you could have made $500 IN 2 HOURS while making women so beautiful that they will follow and become your lifelong customers for years.

You see how my students who are following my Phibrows microblading system are making thousands per day in just a few hours…

The way I see it you have 3 options:

Option #1:  Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now

If you already are the best microblading artist and you don’t need to learn anything more.
Then maybe you don’t need to do anything.

But if you want to advance your microblading career and make insane amount of money while changing so many women’s lives, that leaves you with two other options:

Option #2:  Do it yourself

You can spend countless hours watching thousands of Youtube videos everyday trying to learn bits and pieces here and there…

Then try to experiment your self to see which trick work or which tool is better…

And hope that you would pick up the right one..

If you are willing to work hard everyday and spend hours watching youtube and may be messing up a few faces, you might be able to pull this off.

Option #3:  Let me do the heavy lifting for you. I’ll put my proven Phibrows microblading system to work for you.

All you have to do is to register for the Online Phibrows System

and see for yourself how you can be able to become the best microblading artists. 

Learn the tools and tricks to make microblading faster and easier while producing amazing eyebrows your customers will love.

Of these 3 options, ask yourself…


You see , there are 2 types of people in the world…

Those who only dream about the future without ever taking any action to make their dream come true…
And those who are willing to take action when the opportunity is available.

Since you have watched my presentation so far, you’re one of the special few ones who are ready to take action…

If I am right and you are still with me, click the button below to register for the Online Phibrows System:

See What Our Students Have to Say

"...I have taken 3 microblading Courses and Danny's and Jocelyn's is the best by far..."

Deana Martinex-Hay
Owner of Lasting Impressions Permanent Makeup

"...It was phenomenal! I learned so much more than I thought POSSIBLE..."

Dawn Larsen
20 years experienced Permanent Makeup Artist

"...I took a microblading class before but it wasn't good. After Danny's class, I am so happy..."

Fatma Gunay
15 years Hair Stylist

"...Master Danny is wonderful. He'll teach you everything you need to know and all the secrets. Take this class and you will have great confidence after it..."

Cindi Diep Cao Nguyen
former Phibrows Student

"...I took a microblading class before but it wasn't good. After Danny's class, I am so happy..."

Bita Nourahmadi
from Chicago, Illinois

"...Phibrows Class with Danny and Jocelyn is amazing. It's super fast-paced but they teach you everything you need to know and won't let you continue to the next level until you get it.."

Denise Reyes
former Phibrows student

"...It was a great experience and it provided me all the essentials and the tools that I need to succeed. Thank you..."

Raquel Williams
former Phibrows student

"...He's very thorough. I highly recommend this class to everyone. He's the best..."

Swekshaya Karki
former Phibrows student

Honest Student Reviews



The Decision is Now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for Online Phibrows System?
You can click any "Register for Online Phibrows System" Pink Button above and fill in the application to register for course. 
What kind of certification do I get after this course?
You will get these certificates right after class:
1. Phibrows Attendance Certificate that certifies that you have trained with Phibrows technique.
2. Once You have completed 11 levels from Phibrows(Free of charge and some students finish this in a few weeks or in a few months, depending on how much time you put in) You have 6 months to complete this. Once you complete this 11 levels, you will be awared a Phiartist title, Phibrows logo, and Phiartist Graduation Certificate.
3. We make customers come to you by marketing for you at
We post your best works on this website to help customers find you by the geographical location.
I am a beginner and has no experience. Can I take this course?
Our training program is designed for students have no experience in this business.
  What is the requirement to attend class?
You only need to be over 18 years of age to register for course. 
We also provide support regarding microblading permit and tattoo license once you sign up because each state and each county has different laws.
Do I have more help after class?
Yes the training continue for another 6 months after class for you to master microblading skills. We provide daily support and homework Online so you can be able to do microblading the best possible.  After 6 months, you still have lifetime support from our Phidoctors and Craftmaster Support.
How long does it take for me able to work? 
You can work right away after graduating from class and with a permit from health department.   To graduate:  pass the 11 levels, and you will be awarded Phiartist title and be placed on
Some students take 1 month to graduate, some take few months and some take few weeks.  It all depends on how much time you spend.
I am afraid to mess up on someone face?
Our training is designed for beginners. We also show you how to remove fresh microblading works right away when you feel you make a few mistakes so you cannot mess up on someone's face.
Besides, when you go through our 11 levels, you have to perfect 1 level before you get to the next level. Depending on how much time you put in, the more time you put in, the faster you will master the skills and to good microblading.
 How do I become Phiartist, Royal Artist, or Master?
This course is the gateway to became a Phibrows Phiartist. The next step is royal artist once you do so good and the next step after is master artist.
This course is the only course you need to take.
Is The Phibrows Professional Kit included?
Yes, you will have a Professional Phibrows Kit given to you in class. The kit is worth $1200.
Can I be able to work right away with your certification right after graduation?
Yes you can once you have tattoo permit from health department. We give you support for this also. And the law varies from state to state.
  What kind of payment is accepted?
We accept credit cards.
 Do I have to have a Cosmetology, Nails, or Esthetician License to do microblading?
No, you don't have to have a Cosmetology, Nails, or Esthetician License to do microblading.
What you only need is to be over 18 years old and you need to apply for permit to work as a tattoo artist or permanent makeup artist only (the law also depends on your state or county also so please check with us so we can help you answer your questions.)
Once you register for course, we have support to help you regarding licensing and permits
Are there any payment plan available?
We currently don't have any payment plan or any financial aid but you can also apply for Paypal credit.
Do I need to have Insurance to do microblading?
The law and health department don't require you to have insurace for microblading but you can be able to purchase insurance for your protection.
We will provide support regarding your insurance questions.
 I am able to do this within an existing salon ?
Yes, correct. You just need to tattoo permit from the health department in most states.
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