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Simple step by step Phibrows Academy microblading course that will train you the techniques to deliver a stunning Microblading Procedure that will... 

  • Have the best color retention
  • ​Train you to be an expert in color mixing
  • ​Old tattoo fixing
  • ​Certify you with The Prestige Phibrows Microblading Certification,
  • ​While brings you a constant flow of microblading customers.
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Microblading Course Schedules

(All Of These Classes Below Will Have Bonus Phishading Training)

November 2023

Phibrows Fresno, CA

November 4-5-6 in Fresno, CA with Jocelyn Tran

Phibrows Tampa, FL

November 4-5-6 in Tampa, FL   with Danny Dang

Phibrows Charlotte, NC

November 19-20-21 in Charlotte, NC with Danny Dang

Phibrows San Jose, CA

November 28-29-30 in San Jose, CA   with Danny Dang

December 2023

Phibrows Anaheim, CA

December 4-5-6 in Anaheim, CA with Danny Dang

Phibrows Colmbus, OH

December 8-9-10 in Columbus OH   with Danny Dang

Phibrows Michigan

December 12-13-14 in Detroit, MI   with Danny Dang

January 2024

Phibrows Baltimore, MD

January 3,4,5 in Baltimore, MD with Danny Dang

Phibrows Philadelphia, PA

January 6,7,8 in Philadelphia, PA   with Danny Dang

Phibrows Michigan

January 6-7-8 in Fresno, CA   with Jocelyn Tran

Phibrows Chicago, IL

January 13-14-15 in Chicago IL   with Danny Dang

Phibrows Houston, TX

January 17,18,19 in Houston TX  with Danny Dang

Phibrows Dallas, TX

January 20-21-22 in Dallas TX   with Danny Dang

Here's one success story from countless successes that we delivered to our students:

Julie Was a Nail Tech...Now She's Running a Successful Microblading Salon

Watch her story and see how YOU can change your life, too!

**Testimonials shown are real experiences from our former students. What we show you is a step by step proven system and results will vary based upon your effort. **

Want To Hear Stories Of Other Students JUST LIKE YOU Who Are Building A Microblading Business?

"I am so busy with so many microblading appointments that I have to open another salon to accommodate 5 rooms to do microblading!"

"I was a trainer, educator for Elizabeth Arden Skin Care for 7 years. I traveled a lot. During the weekends, I worked at a cosmetic surgeon office, doing permanent makeup for them. The doctor who I worked for paid for me to take microblading training because his clients had a demand for microblading service. I took that class but felt that they did not show me good enough. I still had so many questions unanswered and was not confident to work on clients. My clients healed into a red tone. My doctor was not happy.

I convinced my doctor to invest for me to take Master Jocelyn and Thuong Dang's class after I saw the work they do non Facebook. I bombarded them with so many questions because I was burned! I was scared to make another investment and could be fired!

After talking to Master Thuong Dang (Danny), I felt more confident taking the class.

I booked airplane ticket to their class in Las Vegas in October of 2016. Oh My God, after that class, all of my fears, questions were answered. They showed me the little tips and secrets that could make a whole difference!

After this class, I got to do so  many clients at the doctor's office. Doctor charged each client $800, paid me only $150 for each client.

After 2 months, I followed the advice of Master Jocelyn and rented a 300 square feet room to do microblading on my own and stopped working for the Doctor.

Now I do average 4 clients a day! Master Jocelyn promoted me to be a PHIBROWS ROYAL ARTIST!

I have so many customers! I am opening another place with 5 rooms to do microblading and plan to hire other Phi-brown Certified Artists to work for ME!

I appreciate Master Jocelyn Tran and Master Thuong Dang so much! Without them, I would not be where I am today!"


Microblading Salon Owner of Timeless Beatuy Studio, LLC
From Virginia

"I found new confidence to open a salon  on my own!"

"I was going through a difficult time last year. I decided to take Master Jocelyn Tran and Thuong Dang's class to learn something different and to maybe change my life.

After the class, I practiced a lot and practiced on my niece. With the continuing support from my Masters, I got better and better at microblading. From my experience, you have to work on clients to GAIN all the experience.

The best thing about this class is that they continue to support you. I send my works to them. THey go above and beyond to give feedback and give advice on the mistakes I made and how to prevent the mistakes next time.

Sometimes, I was scared because I made some microblading mistakes on my clients, but they showed me how to fix the mistakes.

Now, I open the first salon by myself. I so microblading most of my time I am so HAPPY with where I am today. Without my Masters Jocelyn Tran and Thuong Dang, I would not be where I am right now. 

Thank you, thank you so much!


Microblading Salon Owner
From New York

See What Our Students Have to Say

"...I have taken 3 microblading Courses and Danny's and Jocelyn's is the best by far..."

Deana Martinex-Hay
Owner of Lasting Impressions Permanent Makeup

"...It was phenomenal! I learned so much more than I thought POSSIBLE..."

Dawn Larsen
20 years experienced Permanent Makeup Artist

"...I took a microblading class before but it wasn't good. After Danny's class, I am so happy..."

Fatma Gunay
15 years Hair Stylist

"...Master Danny is wonderful. He'll teach you everything you need to know and all the secrets. Take this class and you will have great confidence after it..."

Cindi Diep Cao Nguyen
former Phibrows Student

"...I took a microblading class before but it wasn't good. After Danny's class, I am so happy..."

Bita Nourahmadi
from Chicago, Illinois

"...Phibrows Class with Danny and Jocelyn is amazing. It's super fast-paced but they teach you everything you need to know and won't let you continue to the next level until you get it.."

Denise Reyes
former Phibrows student

"...It was a great experience and it provided me all the essentials and the tools that I need to succeed. Thank you..."

Raquel Williams
former Phibrows student

"...He's very thorough. I highly recommend this class to everyone. He's the best..."

Swekshaya Karki
former Phibrows student

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